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Fixed telephony service allows phone calls to national and international networks via DataBox telecommunications network.

CTX – IP Centrex

IP Centrex is a virtual telephone switchboard, with all the functionalities of the IP PBX switchboard, located on the DataBox infrastructure. With DataBox IP Centrex service, you get a complete telecommunications solution based on VoIP technology.

SIP Trunk

SIP trunk (Session Initiation Protocol) is a modern phone solution for enterprise customers who have their own telephone switchboard that supports SIP functionality.

The advantage of SIP trunk service is direct connection to the customer telephone switchboard without additional devices and voice gateway on the location of the user, which enables significant savings.


DataBox PBX is the public voice service, which is delivered via optical infrastructure. DataBox telecommunications network is connected with other operators of mobile and fixed networks, and the service is delivered via optical infrastructure in a way that optic cable directly connects to the users existing telephone switchboard.

Key benefits

Lower costs

Lower costs

  • No fee for phone calls
  • Cost savings of telephone conversations
  • No costs of investment, administration or maintenance
  • Free calls within the company VPN



  • Easy expansion or reduction in the number of telephone lines
  • Easy use of functionalitys (call forwarding, speed dialing, voice answering, IVR - interactive voice menus, conference call, call transferring...)

Support (NOC 24/7)

Support (NOC 24/7)

  • A team of ICT experts (engineers) are available 24/7
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) – supervision and control of the entire system
  • Trend monitoring and optimization of capacities

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