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DataBox datacenter is one of leading cloud solutions providers in the Republic of Croatia and SEE region. Through specific knowledge of our IT experts we provide virtual and dedicated infrastructure as a service, as well as disaster recovery solutions, backup solutions and ICT maintenance & support. We also do engineering, implementation and maintenance of user owned datacenters. However, solution we are most proud of is the combination of both technologies, the hybrid cloud which allows our users to have very high availability while still being able to scale IT resources according to their production peeks.

IT experts
IT experts

More than 20 years of experience and working for various branches of industry, high level of expertise and commitment to contuined education are the only warranty of improvement and simplification of business processes while making productivity better and ROI shorter.

Experts in all IT branches, sales and costumer support, administration and marketing do their best to ensure our costumers get the quality and profitability equal to those in the most developed IT invironments while paying a lower price for those services and solutions.

While having the highest partnership status with leading global IT vendor companies like Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard te EMC² we are also partners to other global IT i telecommunication solutions vendors and providers.


  • To be in the Croatian and regional top of datacenters and telco providers and to develop faster than the market by adopting new global technologies and their adaptation to local needs, education and certification of employees, as well as by development of long-term relationship with clients and their partners
  • Develop and implement new, creative and technologically advanced solutions at affordable price and minimum downtime
  • Provide users with the market’s unaparalleled consulting, technical and educational support


  • To be reliable partner who applies the highest business operation standards and provides for high-quality services
  • To build integral business solutions through partnerships with leading world firms, based on top services and technologies
  • To provide for own employees achievement of the full professional potential through continuous education and improvement
  • To create additional value through continuous monitoring and development of modern IT technologies, development of a team spirit and competitive- innovative environment, as well as permanent development and improvement of necessary knowledge and skills

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